4 In 1 Digital Soil PH Temperature Moisture Meter Tester With Backlight


Whether you’re working on a large farm or agricultural production or simply growing a few veggies in your garden, if you work with soil in any way, you’ll know the importance of making sure it’s healthy and allowing your plants to thrive! This compact and portable 4-in-1 soil meter allows you to conveniently test the sunlight levels, moisture, pH levels, and temperature of your soil to ensure optimal quality for your plants, trees, fruits, and vegetables. Prevent over and under watering, measure growing conditions, promote plant growth, and ensure your crops are healthy for human consumption.

1. Light Intensity
2. Moisture
3. pH Level
4. Temperature

Use For
1. Indoor houseflowers and plants
2. Outdoor garden flowers and plants
3. Greenhouses
4. Vegetable gardens& allotments
5. Laboratories

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